The Importance Of Retail Anthropologists

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Since consumers become an important element that contributes to reinforce the economy. Simply, great consuming makes great economy. Many business service have been established to help sellers keep their ongoing businesses. The surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists is one of the new business services that was formed in late 1980s. This service provides a general view of what need to be done more to attract more customers for business owners. The surprising fact that many shoppers would not notice that their shopping behaviors are recorded by a tiny surveillance camera embedded on ceiling by retail anthropologists. However, many people believe that they are manipulated to buy more products than what they need because the products …show more content…
However, some people think that the surveillance by retail anthologists is not unethical and manipulative because they do not use the shopper’s videos to commit crimes, but to make good analysis for both shoppers and sellers. They need do conduct variety of methods to approach their shoppers so that they can bring up a better solution to boost sale. In the YouTube video, Ray states that he has more “sophisticated tools” to watch his customers such as “eye tracking technologies” that analyze shopping experience, and “Virtually Reality simulation” which generates the appearance of the store. This means that retail anthropologists make great efforts to invest on high-tech technologies to support their analytic jobs. They spend money building high-tech technologies to make their analyzation more accuracy and efficiency. In addition, “We have also looked at shoppers’ behaviors using our own camera in store that use 3D imaging so we can measure not just where the shoppers standing, but their skeleton where they reaching, where their head is facing,” says Ray. This proves that the surveillance by retail anthropologists know what to focus on their goals which are how shoppers like products; they do n focus on where their customers keep their money. Retail anthropologists use the shoppers’ images to conduct helpful information make changes for the needs of shoppers. Thus, customers can feel secure when they clearly know the beneficial purposes of surveillance by retail anthropologist because they use these data and information to provide benefits for both sellers and shoppers. As a result, the surveillance by retail anthropologists is ethical because anthropologists do not commit crimes through surveillance of customers’

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