Monstrosity In Frankenstein Essay

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In modern day civilization, many individuals take on a lot of responsibility that sometimes it over whelms them. Taking responsibility is clearly a big thing, individuals throughout the world do not understand that taking responsibility for their own actions is a big part of life and it can also harm others if those individuals do not take action. In our society, individuals have witnessed several aspects of life when people do not take responsibility for what they have done because they are terrific of the outcome results if they come clean. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in the paragraph in Chapter 5 the character Victor Frankenstein demonstrates the theme of monstrosity by accepting the consequences of his actions about his hideous …show more content…
Mary Shelley demonstrates Victor’s responsibility of the creation by saying “[he] have finished the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” signifying that Victor does not want anything to do with the horrendous monster he created, but his shows some of the responsibility. All Victor wanted in his life was to show the world that he could create a creature that nobody has ever seen before, in a way nobody has ever seen before. In society, individuals get too caught up in trying to make their dreams come true, but once they achieve them may times it is not always want they imagine it to be. Once they over focus on their dreams, they push their loved ones and friends in the process, like for example in Frankenstein; Victor pushes his family away before he felt as if his dreams were more important. Nowadays individuals do not want to accept the fact that when they desire their dreams so much there main focus is just that. Victor’s responsibility is demonstrated because it shows individuals not to get too obsessed and tries to overachieve their knowledge and they should not forget about the important things in life and who helped that individuals get there. The disgust of the creature helps Victor take the responsibility of his creation because when he first looks at the creations he feels disgusted by his performance and he has nobody to blame but himself. In modern day civilization individuals need to comprehend to take their responsibility into their own hands and not let their dreams overcome who they truly are inside as a

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