The Importance Of Work Ethic

“I really learned to break out of my shell and communicate effectively with all sorts of people and work in a fast-paced environment….Taking on that much responsibility and developing good work ethic has helped me for every job since”(Roberts). Many students during their high school years often start at their first jobs in grocery stores, shopping centers and fast food chains. While working at a starter job, there are many essential skills that can be obtained from employment; such as social skills, responsibility, work ethic and financial responsibility to name a few. To begin, social skills are used in every aspect of life and have become a cornerstone for successful people. In any starter job, it is essential that every employee can communicate with customers, as well as fellow employees. Employees must be able to answer questions, showcase products and form a link between one …show more content…
With money flowing in, a student needs to learn how to efficiently manage their money. Most students have to balance their expenses; gas, phone services, insurance and saving for college. Most students have their parents guidance to show them how to manage their finances responsibly, but some students learn by trial and error. Those failures can be costly mistakes but teach a valuable lesson. It is important to learn how to budget their money wisely, and cover all of their expenses to prevent costly mistakes.
In conclusion, students who have jobs are put under enormous amounts of strain and have to mature and develop essential skills to manage their hectic lives. Communications skills are used everyday at work, group projects and at school. Many students develop responsibility and use that skill to help them excel at work, at school and with financial matters. Work ethic translates into much more than one 's desire to work, but a drive and passion to

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