What Is Resilience?

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Our world is becoming more uncertain, disasters are increasing in frequency and severity with devastated consequences for people. Natural disasters are inevitable though human activity has a gradual effect on occurrence of such disasters, but there are many elements that are beyond human control or influence. Today the entire humanity confront frequent and grew some disasters. Disaster risk is therefore is increasingly a global concern.

There are many factors affecting the intensity of these disasters like urbanization, climate change, and population growth. There is a need to mitigate and take control over some factors like urbanization by modifying policies and regulating the urban sprawl. Population growth cannot be controlled. But there
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Resilience is about a different response from the communities from the government.
Resilience is not a new subject but it has become a subject to the new interest and attention because today we live in an age of multiple challenges and risk, and despite of being sharp and focus on tackling with difficulties we many a times fail in the recovery part. Rather than wait for disasters to strike it is better to prepare people and communities so that they can handle risks and challenges. This is not only better for services it’s better for people and communities who feel more in control as a result.
People can mean different things when they talk about resilience, a scientist might describe how much pressure, stress or force a material can take before it breaks. In ecological terms resilience is defined as the ability of the ecosystem to respond to the disturbances by resisting damage and recovering quickly. Individual resilience can be defines as the capacity to withstand stress and painful events. Confidence, problem solving, intelligence, forward thinking are clearly an individual qualities that helps in reacting properly during a
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When we talk about resilience two questions strike, resilience from what? And resilience of who? This study focuses on resilience of a city and community from natural disaster specifically floods. In making city resilient there is a need for a coordinated framework required to react when the city is hit by a

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