The Importance Of Representation, Photography And Homelessness

1850 Words Dec 27th, 2015 null Page
Throughout this paper I will be critically analysing ‘Residency’ by Anthony Luvera in terms of the research question, methodology, theoretical perspective and his own analysis and reflection within this paper. The main aspects I will be focusing on within this paper are, representation, photography and homelessness.

In the paper Luvera’s main focuses are photography, but also representation, power and the identity of the homeless participants. All of these aspects are important in what Luvera speaks about throughout the paper, his research such as his interviews, the assisted self-portraits/ photographs, which are the ‘trace of a process that attempted to blur distinctions between the participant as a ‘’subject’’ and me as the ‘’photographer’’ (2010:225). Luvera therefore created a comfortable environment for the participant. However even though he done this he taught them how to take these pictures and they ‘reported’ back to him, showing him what they had found, he then created this into an archive, which involved him using his photographs, interviews, recordings and his research. I am going to argue how well representation has been used to do this research, in terms of power, identity, signs and representation itself.

In his paper, Luvera explores ‘…representation and identity as constructed through the archive’ (2010: 225). For Luvera, this issue of representation is central to his work. This question considers the homeless participants, their photographs that they…

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