The Importance Of Reparations To African Americans

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“Given the fact that there’s plenty of blame to go around for slavery — plenty of blame to go around among African and Arab states, plenty of blame to go around among Western states — I think we’re better to look forward, and not point fingers backward,” Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, mentions on NBC. The controversial debate of the United States Federal Government paying reparations to African Americans has been going on for countless years. Reparations, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, is the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money or otherwise helping those who have been wronged. Many claim that the difficulties faced by blacks today are deeply rooted within our nation’s history as well as society’s …show more content…
However, reparations for slavery do not help alleviate tensions or help solve any problems at all. From a social standpoint, paying monetary reparations to African Americans demonstrates there is a price to put on slavery. How can we, as humans, distinguish the different levels and degrees of hardships endured by African Americans and put a price tag on them on top of that? How can we say one’s suffering is far greater than another’s? This situation is very similar to what happened in Germany and Israel after the World War. I’m sure we are all knowledgeable about how millions of Jews were brutally mass murdered in concentration camps during the Holocaust, as we read a few novels on it. A few decades after the war was over, Germany declared they would pay reparations to all Holocaust survivors. They followed through with the bill , and according to Huffington Post, each survivor was paid approximately $22,000. However, the majority of people do not know that “reparations from Germany caused an enormous outcry in Israel. Few people wanted it. They felt it cheapened their loss, and the loss of their murdered loved ones, as if you could put a price tag on such immense suffering,” Joshua Charles from WND argues. Ultimately, the reparations that the Germans paid to the Jews had the opposite effect of what was expected to occur. Though this may seem strange, it is a very common concept of human psychology and it is what is mostly likely to occur if the United States Federal Government pays reparations to African American for

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