The Importance Of Religious Teenagers

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Register to read the introduction… Youth who attend services at least 4 times a month, only 8% of those have tried cigarettes, 18% have tried alcohol, and 9% have tried marijuana. 11% of youth that attend services 0-3 times per a month have tried cigarettes, 33% have tried alcohol, and 18% have tried marijuana. Youth that attend church 4 times a month have a higher rate of …show more content…
Correct Assumption: Fairness sometimes means proportional, not equal.


Many think that is about the Pilgrims and the Indians. However, George Washington proclaimed the first Thanksgiving and said that we need to thank God for what He’s done recently with our country. Abraham Lincoln also spoke about Thanksgiving being a time we need to give thanks to God. Teach students that it is a time to be thankful to God, teach about gratitude, and have others share their thanksgiving traditions.


Could read the biblical account of Christmas for cultural understanding as a non-devotional, ask others to share what they do for Christmas as a tradition. A teacher could show and explain a crèche and use it to familiarize students with the story. Teach about the impact of Jesus, why Christians celebrate his birth, how his teaching impacted the world, and what if Jesus had never been born? Could also teach about the different sayings that come from Jesus.


Also known as the Feast of Dedication. Read John 10:22-39 where it specifically refers to Jesus partaking in the Feast of Dedication. Could teach the real story of Hanukkah and how it came to be rather than just talking about the foods, music, or the

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