Religious Belief Research Paper

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A religious belief is a conscious mental act that one undergoes in which they place trust in a particular concept. For some, a set of beliefs defines one’s entire living while for others it’s a simple set of guidelines that are optional. Usually beliefs are well established in an individual, from a young age, these beliefs become part of one’s personality. Beliefs should not be furtive personal matters, they should be able to be discussed in social settings as well as questioned. If one holds a certain belief they should be able to discuss it with others. Humans have an innate sense of curiosity and for this reason questioning fundamental religious beliefs is perfectly acceptable. However, one must recognize that it is not permissible to impose …show more content…
Religious beliefs are how individuals classifies themselves. They are consciously choosing to identify in a certain manner. If one is simply asking an individual questions about their religious beliefs, there is no harm being done. No one is attacking the other’s beliefs, they are simply having a conversation about a fundamental element of each other’s lives. Religion is an essential pillar of society, it can define large civilizations and societies. So if one is able to question the religious beliefs of past societies one can also question the religious beliefs of individuals. One should not be hesitant when posing questions about the fundamental of one’s …show more content…
Imposing certain ideals or criticizing those of others is not acceptable. At times, people feel the need to defend their own faith and ideology. This defensive nature is where problems and conflicts arise. Some individuals have the need to feel superior over others and therefore question other 's religion with malicious intentions, solely trying to convince the other that their religion is not logical. It is important that when questioning someone 's religion, personal opinions remain out of the conversation. As long as one is able to keep their own views separate there is nothing that humans cannot questions. There isn’t any assumption about humans that should be taken as fact, and if questions are not asked then society can never fully grow and

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