The Importance Of Religions On Social Morality

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Is religion losing its grip on social morality in an increasingly secular society?
Morality is a customary set of guidelines which are intended to guide human behaviour towards achieving a 'good ' and 'acceptable ' life (The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, 2014). This moral law enables society to discern from good and bad according to reason and the law of God (Purdue University, 2012). According to the law or ethics of God, the world religions have an obligation to guide people towards moral and ethical behaviour. However, this is not possible as we live in a society that is becoming increasingly secular. All around it is apparent that the word of religion, and hence the word of God, is being more and more overlooked.
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The Australian government chose to respond to the influx of asylum seekers by devising even harsher policies aimed to deter those fleeing war and persecution from entering Australian waters. These governmental policies indicate an underlying fear of newcomers (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2015). This view contradicts the Catholic Church 's position of welcoming the most vulnerable into the community (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2001). The stem of the Catholicism standpoint stems from the idea that all human life is sacred and deserves to be protected, with the dignity of that person upheld (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2002). By 'turning back the boats ' Australia is essentially disregarding the dignity of those seeking protection. In doing so, the Australian society has dishonoured Jesus ' commandment, "love your neighbour as yourself". The Law Council of Australian Asylum Seekers states that all people seeking refuge must be treated with humanity to ensure that basic needs are provided (Law Council of Australia, 2012). But barbed wire fences still explicitly rejects the Catholic position that the most disadvantaged should be protected. Thus, the voice of the Catholic Church, in regards to the asylum seeker issue in Australia has deteriorated and is almost entirely …show more content…
This policy is parallel to that which is supported by the Catholic Church. Despite this, the Catholic Church contradictorily preached that every human being is equally endowed in the love of God, and no matter what, they should not be subjected to unjust discrimination (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2015). The majority of Australian citizens are in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, according to the survey conducted, with .72% agreeing that marriage laws should be extended to include same-sex couples. Even though the primarily secular Australian society is in favour of same-sex marriage, the Australian government continues to prohibit this union due to the influence of the Catholic Church in the political system. This position stems from scripture, in particular biblical passages, "Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable" (Leviticus 18:22). This highlights a prominent influence of religion in society, with this Catholic value influencing the morality of

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