The Importance Of Religion On The Community

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Register to read the introduction… The counseling resources offered by churches and the intervention in the lives of troubled youths obviously help the economy by the abatement of vandalism and crime. By mentoring youths to stay in school, and offering tutoring sessions, churches encourage youths to strive for higher education, to realize their potential, and generate increased income.3Through offering after school programs and day care for individuals who could not afford quality care for their children, churches promote employment and a better standard of living. In providing community services churches reduce the economic burden on …show more content…
I certainly would not permit my children to associate with fanatically religious people and I can guarantee you there are those who would say I am right next door to a heathen and would not want their children influenced by me. When I tell my friends in Idaho people in N.C. clasp hands and participate in prayer circles, they look at me as though I have lost my mind and say, “You are kidding right! O my god that is so weird!” Of course there are benefits to experiencing all this religion. I have learned if you don’t want to talk about a subject anymore and you want to put an end to the conversation, “Well God Bless” works every single …show more content…
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