The Importance Of Religion In My Life

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My whole life, I grew up raised in a Christian home that went to church every Sunday. It was like a tradition. My grandparents did it, my parents, and so did my siblings and I. I went to church with them when I was little but as I started to grow older I noticed I did not always enjoy what my parents liked. There were many things in my life that started to make me question my religion. Music was a big influence, people in my life, and the pressure of being called a Christian. Music to me was a big influence in my life. Artist spoke their ideas about religion and I started to question my own beliefs. I wasn’t to the point of total denial of God, but it made me question why all these bad things were happening to me if he loved me. There …show more content…
In my mind you see these preachers, and missionaries, and these people of Christ and you look up to them and see them as being perfect. I was so scared that I would slip up and be judged by the entire community. I had a lot of pride and I let it over take me, I did not think God would even love me anymore after I ran away from him for so long. And I would see others publicly calming their Christianity and I would know what they do outside of church. I would judge them so much and I thought, I do the same thing so if I turn back to God now I’m only going to be judged. I did not want this to happen to me, I valued my image more than anything, but finally, I realized that’s not what it’s …show more content…
Everyone messes up sometimes but it’s in those times when you need to grow closer to God and not turn away. I know now that God loves me and he was always there for me, even when I was not. He was always looking over me and I’m so glad I made that realization. Having that sense of purpose is the greatest feeling and knowing that even in your deepest darkest times, you’re not alone. There’s so many things that can throw you off track and take your attention off God. For me it was music, people, and the fear of judgement of being a Christian. But now I know that none of that matters, the only thing that matters is your relationship with him and the people who support you completely in that

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