Personal Narrative: From Mr. Arnold's Devotion To Religion

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The Beginning of my fifth grade year at a private school is when I fell behind in my education of English. I blame this hinderance largely upon my teacher Mr. Arnold, a tall man in his thirties who must not have believed in deodorant, and was a religious fanatic. Every subject we had learned that year Mr. Arnold had managed to force some aspect of religion into it. I remember the frustration of having to do any subject in class due to its link back to religion. Thinking “How do these two things possibly connect to each other even Mr. Arnold 's explanation is terrible.”. Mr. Arnold’s devotion to religion as well affected his teaching ability to teach us what to do on our “home games”. “Another stupid trick Mr. Arnold thought to employ to draw …show more content…
Arnold and his inept teachings of english. So I entered into middle school having less than a substantial knowledge of english and grammar. My first day of class I met my home room teacher Mrs. Fischer who was as well the teacher for the seventh and eighth grade english. Mrs. Fischer was a woman who was short in stature and on occasion short in patience, she frequently smelled of coffee and cigarettes and had a rough hoarse sounding voice that I am sure was due to her smoking. After a couple of weeks in Mrs. Fischer 's class it was evident to her that my knowledge of english and grammar was not as extensive as it should be. So she drew me aside one day after class asking that I stay behind so I could further improve my English skills, this was the start of a regular routine for me. I remember thinking, “This cold strict woman does actually care she just shows it in a different way.”. For me this would be my first substantial english teacher, rather than some religious zealot who had taught me a religious coated version of every subject in school. After several days of getting help with my english I realized that having to learn something that I no longer enjoyed had just became a part of my daily routine. I suffered through those days hot from frustration and embarrassment with my own lack of knowledge of core english and grammar ideas. Day in and day I had devoted hours of my life in an attempt to improve my skills. Some days I would work on assignments from that class, other days I might be revising my paper for what seemed like the seventh time, and sometimes I would sit there in frustration while Mrs. Fischer attempted to talk me through the functions of simple grammar devices. For three years I worked with Mrs. Fischer to mend my lack of education in english and those three years of long arduous work to claim what should have been taught to me in the first place

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