The Importance Of Relationship

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During our time apart, Vincent and I split all expenses related to visits and joint travel, including airfare, accommodation, and food, regardless of whom the expenses primarily fell on. (i.e. I would pay half his flight when he visited me, he would pay half my flight when I visited him, etc). We both made concerted efforts to save for these visits.

Now that we have signed the lease and moved in together, we have combined our incomes and share all household expenses. The way we tend to break it down is that I pay rent and fixed expenses, such as phone and internet bills, and Vincent pays for food, necessities, and variable expenses like gas and electricity bills. We aim to save at least 20 percent of our income in our joint savings, which
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We spent Thanksgiving in my home state of Wisconsin with my extended family, and Vincent proposed on a trip to New York.

Vincent and I have always been straightforward that a relationship with this much distance was only worth pursuing if we 'd both take it seriously. Over the past couple of years, my love, respect, and care for Vincent continues to grow infinitely because of our dedication to keeping our relationship strong.

Since communication was all we really had while we were apart, we learned to communicate effectively and deeply. We shared many life details early on in our relationship, talking about our interests, our families, our pasts, our hopes and dreams, what we 're looking for in a partner, and what our goals in life are. We created a game we refer to as "Question Game" where we can ask anything and get an honest answer, in exchange for an honest answer to the question we 're asking. It sounds a bit lame, but it was a great way to get to know each other and to ask hard but important
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A few months in, we had acknowledged the possibility of marriage someday, and by our trip to Japan in May 2015, we had both committed to a lifelong relationship and were planning our engagement. When Vincent proposed in December 2015, I was so excited to finally "make official" what we had been feeling for quite some time.

Our Skype and Facebook Messenger logs are a testament to all of our long distance communication. We have several thousand pages of messages and several hundred hours of video and voice calls. We also tried to have more traditional "date nights" where we did some sort of activity together. We used to cook together on occasion by making the same recipe over Skype, and we often watched Netflix together on a web tool called Rabbit.

We have so much fun together, and Vincent is not only my partner but my best friend. I genuinely look forward to growing old with him and building our life

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