The Importance Of Relationship At Work And Effective Communication

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Register to read the introduction… They should be encouraged to try and keep your personal and professional life separate.
Relationship at work and effective communication.
Often, these two elements tend to tread hand in hand and as would be evident many a times, when relationships are not quite alright among members of an organization, the communication amongst them is intern adversely affected.
As regards relationship, It is necessary to have friends at the workplace. Employees need people around to talk to, discuss and share experiences. It is really not possible to work in isolation and thus, not allowing employees to interact with fellow employees leads to frustration and stress at workplace. Arguments among team members should be avoided.
After relationships are straitened, Managers need to communicate effectively with team members. The moment, employees feel left out, they lose interest in work and thus there arises need for employees to have a say in an organization’s major decisions. Let them express their views and come out with their problems. Grievances need to be addressed immediately.

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For example, if one business is able to produce 10 units of its products by spending Ksh. 3 per unit, it is more efficient in production than a similar business that produces 10 units of the same product spending Ksh 4 per unit. Organizational efficiency is gauged using a number of quantitative figures such as production costs and production times because it is too broad of a concept to be encapsulated in a single figure.
Factors contributing to organizational efficiency include resources which encompass both concrete items such as cash and more abstract concepts such as human capital. Factors that influence the efficiency of the organization's use of its resources can be both internal and external to the organization. For example, the quality of an organization's labor is often dependent in part on the general education of the region in which that organization is based. Quality of management is perhaps the most influential factor on organizational efficiency since it is management that chooses how to implement strategic plans -- including selecting what methods and resources to use, and leading employees in order to make the most of their

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