Pella Corporation's Values: A Case Study

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I continued to ask Stan about his company’s values. As mentioned earlier, Pella Corporation’s goal is to “make life easier with meaningful details that matter every day.” Instilling a company’s value can be a difficult task, particularly if the values do not correlate with the employees’ values. The best suggestion Stan had was to lead by example. In class discussion, we mentioned the importance of values, and how they can impact the decisions one makes. The class activity that particularly helped display this was the one where we all stood in a circle. Amy asked us a series of questions such as, “How many of you are actively engaged in the religious community?” Whether or not an individual stepped forward or not was the test of their true …show more content…
A variety a problem can occur within the business world that prevent efficiency and cohesiveness. Stan said that the biggest mistake that he sees bosses make is not providing enough feedback. I was relatively shocked by this answer. I assumed for the most part that bosses were determined and willing to give constructive feedback. According to 1,400 executives polled by The Ken Blanchard Companies, however, failing to provide feedback is the most common mistake leaders make (mindtools). Not providing feedback deprives employees of the opportunity to improve, which can be costly to the business. The Relational Leadership Model (RLM) expresses the importance of empowering. Showing concern for others’ growth and valuing others’ contributions can improve the effectiveness of a team or business. The lack of an empowering environment could perhaps prevents workers from giving their fullest …show more content…
We touched on ethics, and its involvement in relational leadership. The RLM is driven by values and standards and leadership that is good moral. The codes of ethics serve as expectations for people in particular occupations. As we have mentioned in class many times, “leadership is a relational and ethical process of people together attempting to accomplish positive change.” Abiding by this logic will promote heathy relationships, and better decision making. We also talked about the characteristics of the perfect candidate, which correlates the discussion in CLA. We were given a list of attributes that employers seek on candidate’s resumes. Among the most important was leadership. Having the ability to positively influence others and strive toward goals effectively assures

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