The Importance Of Regulations In Education

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Teachers are dehumanized from the fear of low student achievement. Therefore, teachers are subjected to higher levels of regulation from the government. Regulations in education is important to the contributing factors of failing educators. They suffer from restrictions, regulations, the very format of teaching itself, as well as Narration Sickness. To Paulo Freire students suffer from Narration Sickness as they listen repeatedly to the teachers and their nonchalant teachings. Teachers however, suffer from Narration Sickness too, but in the form of structure. Their regulations are placed on them by the district and state, which end up all too similar to the previous regulations, but are less satisfying as the new regulations are simply too …show more content…
Teachers are restrained from showing their humanity, they can not talk about their political views because of influencing children, in public schools they are not suppose to share religious beliefs, or talk about their personal lives in length. The restrictions placed on teachers are in short restricting. An individual-human at one point taught another, therefore becoming a teacher. The profession of teaching is the source of education; this is where schools begins, from a teacher teaching. Schools form from there and then districts and finally the beginning of the end. Teachers who work in bad districts, or go on strike are used in media as focal points. Individuals becomes the mass and those who are taught as a mass are then seen as the individual. Media portrays teachers as the cause of trouble-them alone. The profession may have been caused by the act they are named after, but the dehumanization of these people began with discriminatory, or pre-judged views of the individual. The individual is not the mass, but a saying such as “those who can-do-and those who can’t-teach,” is the beginning of the downfall of such a noble position and the dehumanization of the teaching profession. People who dedicate their lives to make other lives better are seen as failures. Since such a career is dehumanized it is understandable …show more content…
These teachers fight to be paid and treated better, and the profession is a union, so even an individual leaving the strike would be seen as betrayal. The education of those under the stress and duress of these teachers are not affected by the teachers want, but by the teachers need. While at the same time as being unaffected, students are affected. If a student is being taught by the teacher who is not qualified or have become unavailable due to striking then they are not learning properly. The student suffers, which is the reason for the profession. If the student is not being taught, than what is a teacher? Is the teacher to blame for the bad test grades and failure of the student? A teacher is not the sole blame of an entire district. What about the administration and textbooks? Does society not see the funds necessary to run a proper school. If there is a lack of proper faculty and funds than the teacher can’t be alone. Even if a teacher were to strike for better pay, better funding, it would not change the district. A student in a bad neighborhood, in a bad-school, is in turn a bad student. What if that was not true? Students in Saint Louis, who attended the Normandy School district and their parents fought to have them transferred to better schools. These people wanted a better education. So it can not be the student alone, or the teacher. The teacher doesn’t fund the textbooks, of the desks and supplies.

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