The Importance Of Redirecting Children

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for a few seconds. I then counted “1,2,3 my turn” and she began to tantrum when I took the IPad. I had to remove the IPad by putting it away for the rest of the day and did not give her what she wanted to stop the tantrum. I removed it because she displayed a negative behavior. I replaced the IPad with two other objects for her to work for. When an object is too reinforcing, it can become a distraction from completing tasks instead of an objective to work for. We need to explain to the parents that there should always be alternative reinforcements. When a child is displaying a negative behavior, a child must then be redirected to continue the desired task. Redirecting children increases their focus and improves their learning rate. Providing parents different ways to redirect negative behavior is a challenge. There are several resources that parents can try when …show more content…
Communicate with teachers and therapists, understanding the child’s assessments. Sign appropriate documents, preparing for meetings. Have a positive relationship with the staff helping the child. Think in terms of outcomes when determining needs. Prioritize the child’s needs. Find a common ground with the teacher. Respect, value, listen and offer appreciation to the staff, and finally bringing a picture of the child to keep everyone focused on his or her needs and to build a connection to a real person being served,” (Kaplan, n.d.).
Social interaction keeps an active social life and can improve a child’s chances to succeed. A parent can be involved in their child’s peer interaction. Peer interaction is creating a social group with another child to further the social development of each child. Interacting with other parents can help find friends for your children. When children visit each other’s homes they interact in new ways and build up their social skills

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