The Importance Of Redesigning On The Business Process

2.1. Literature Overview:
Redesigning is beneficial to all business process. So, if a business process has been redesigned well in the first place, then the products and services are already produced in a satisfactory way. But it makes sense to consider the redesign of an existing business process even when it was perfectly designed well in the first place. First of all Hammer and Champy (1993) declares that “business process redesign is the fundamental rethinking of business process to reach spectacular improvement in critical contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed.”
According to Princeton, Peppard, and Rowland (1995) they argue that the changes by BPR that is carried into the organization will result in improved financial performance. But, most organization failed to accomplish that
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In addition their study that is based on African firm mentioned that between the human resource functions, projects, teamwork, and management plays a vital role in success and failure of BPR. The only probable way to achieve competitive advantages through cost, management, productivity, and customer service when employees are informed and taken on board in the change process.
According to (Weerak kody, Janssen, and Dwivedi 2011) as the mentioned, business process redesign is the only effective and reliable tool (if it applied well) in order to generate highly and remarkable results.
Finally, according to Habib and Wzir (2012) maintained that the aim of BPR is to carrying essential change into each part in the process of the organization. However the majority of the researches repeated the same theories and mentioned the same opinions which aim to educate and provide trainings about process redesign before the change applied into

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