Recruitment And Selection Process Analysis

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B). Communicate with, screen, filter, and interview applicants

Communicating with applicants/candidates In all my past work experiences as a Recruiter, I have always made an effort to ensure a pleasant candidate experience for all applicants going through the recruitment process. The candidate experience is important as it affects the employer brand and it also has an impact on candidate sourcing.
Therefore, I have always made an effort to ensure that the recruitment process is perceived as professional, informative, and fair to candidates. I provide realistic previews of the job and of the working environment to candidates. I respond in a timely manner to answer any questions or concerns that candidates have and I make an effort to always
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As I got familiar with the roles, I was able to quickly review over a resume and determine within a few minutes whether the applicant should move forward to a telephone screening.
I conducted telephone screenings at all of my past recruitment related work experiences. Depending on the position, the length of the telephone screening will vary. For entry level/general labour positions, phone screenings generally last approximately 10-12 minutes. For professional level/supervisory/managerial/skilled trades positions, telephone screenings generally last approximately 15-20 minutes.
During the telephone screening stage, specific questions were asked to verify candidates ' work experience in order to ensure that candidates possess the basic requirements and qualifications of the position. I would then decide whether candidates are suitable to move forward to the next stage of the recruitment process. All candidates scheduled for in-person interviews met at least the minimum requirements of the position. Therefore, all candidates scheduled for an in-person interview had the potential to succeed in the position. In all my past work experiences as a Recruiter, I was able to maintain a constant flow of candidates for the various different
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The video showed the metal can production process which features the type of machinery used and the type of work environment that candidates can expect to work in if they were offered the position. Candidates were then provided with information regarding the company and additional information regarding the position. Following the provision of information, candidates were asked a set of specific interview questions associated with the position. Lastly, candidates are given a few minutes at the end of the interview to ask questions.
Second in-person interviews were conducted by the Managers of the respective positions. The Managers were very busy with their work, therefore as a Recruiter, I had to ensure that only the best qualified candidates were passed on to them for a second interview.
ARTISTREE of Canada- I have conducted high volume in-person interviews with walk-in applicants and with screened applicants who have applied online. The majority of the positions that I worked on at ARTISTREE were general labour and machine operator positions. The HR Manager and I deduced that there is likely a significant portion of local applicants who are not computer savvy but otherwise would have been qualified for the positions. Therefore, the HR Manager and I decided to rent a large road sign to attract applicants driving by the building. This alternate avenue of job advertisement was a success as it bought in

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