The Importance Of Receiving A College Acceptance Letter

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If the Price is Right...

Ever since senior year started, I have always enjoyed getting the mail. Getting the mail was not a chore, but a simple way to turn my day around. Suddenly, one typical day in October, something new appeared on top of the repetitive bundle of bills and newspapers in my mailbox: a giant, bold envelope with the words “You’re In!” printed on the front side. Receiving a college acceptance letter is easily one of the best feelings I have felt throughout senior year. Everything falls into place, all the hard work of perfecting college applications pays off, yet the acceptance letter feels like a descending dream. Ironically, getting accepted to that dream school is amazing, but how does my happiness compare with the feeling of being in debt? Students like myself work to the bone throughout high school; consistently maintaining outstanding GPAs to conquering the ACT. Why should all of that diligence cause people to feel afraid about getting an ongoing education? Today, the average tuition is about $31,231 a year for a private
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Students are always eager to attend these schools because they feel they will have a better chance for a well-rounded education. However, Forbes Magazine contributor, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry declares that “the rise in tuition alone is caused by the supply and demand for better student residence halls, cutting edge labs, IT improvements, cuts in state subsidies, and administrative growth.” In addition to the supply and demand increase, Steven Goodman of Time Magazine proclaims, “Since loans now make up 70 percent of financial aid packages, the growing tuition burden falls squarely on student borrowers who may have saved for college, but still cannot meet the high cost of attendance.” With the cost of attendance soaring, overall, the amount of people who decide to go to college will take a dramatic

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