The Importance Of Real Estate Professionals

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Ethics guides people to act the way they do. Personally, I knew what ethics are, but I was not aware where the term came from. In the ethics workbook presented in this course, I learned the word ethics originated from Latin; “Primum non nocere” simply means, “First do no harm” (Putnam, 2006). The existence of ethics is essential in any aspect or life, whether it may be personal or professional. It is extremely important to follow ethical standards in every profession because it is their duty to do take the proper actions. More specifically, every real estate professional needs to be ethical and put it to good use. For many people, the American Dreams signifies owning a home; their biggest dream is to become homeowners. Real Estate Agents serve …show more content…
The results may be positive or negative depending on every realtor. There are some realtors who always strive to guide the clients the best they can. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not take into consideration how their decisions may affect customers in the long run while as realtors they will compensated in the short run. From previous material taught in this course, I recall how disappointing it was to see how some realtors would lie on loan applications simply to reach approval for their customers. Of course, this was good for realtors because if the buyers owned the house, then they would reach the monetary benefits they wanted. This is completely unethical behavior because realtors should pursue the best interest of the customers instead of their own. At the same time, it caused customers extreme damage because they were qualified without meeting the requisites in reality. Once, they could not meet their financial obligations, they faced foreclosure. Their credit was ruined and they had to start all the way from the bottom. One of the solutions is to make sure all the information presented is accurate. All the requisites must be met in order to avoid any future consequences. Potential homeowners must have a good credit score. It is important to consider just like every negotiation, there some people who win and others who unfortunately lose during the process of real estate. An article published online mentioned, “The sellers are the biggest from the real estate agents tricks” (Laufer, n.d). This is correct because some agents would strive the best to convince the buyer to pay more than he was willing initially, while at the same time convince the seller to settle for less than the property actually

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