The Importance Of Reading

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As, I have grown over the years, I have located a passion for reading fictional or nonfictional books. In some aspects, I look at reading books as television show that I can view at my own pace. Looking back, I see that this was a learned behavior not one that I simply picked up from school. However, it seems as though the more education I receive the more inquisitive, I have become. Which has coasted me into the realm of becoming a lifelong reader.
For the most part, none of the individuals that I am around on a daily bases are avid readers. They mostly read to gain information or to seek clarification on a topic. Usually, they opt for YouTube over an encyclopedia or research articles. I believe there actions are more based on technology
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It is obvious that reading is not looked at as the primary method of gathering information anymore. Before, technology reading was a necessary skill within the world. It was the core aspect needed to assist individuals in locating information and understanding what was going on in the world around them as well as one of the biggest forms of communication. However, now reading is one of the hardest things to get people to do. As, I have learned over the years, reading is a skill that must be provided to kids at an early age, if longevity is the goal. If a child is brought up reading books, before they learn to play with tablets or watch television they are more likely to continue this behavior. However, if they are raised to respect the power of technological means over that of a book. They will utilize that means of obtaining information over that of sitting still and reading a …show more content…
This decline can only be changed if society does not rely so much on technology. By, limiting the amount of time that individuals spend utilizing technology, educators can gradually bring society back to the notion of reading. In showing students that they can find the same story plots within a book on the subject, educators can then make the process of reading fun again.
For me personally, I like to read the books behind the movies before they come out. I doing this I am better able to gauge what I should expect from the movie. Implementing such processes, within the classroom would also assist in bring students interest back to books. In order for society to utilize reading skills more frequently, we as educators, must reach beyond the standard curriculum and look at the student themselves and utilize their strengths. For instance if the student likes basketball, we should have that student read and reflect on books about basketball

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