Reading Time Analysis

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Reading time
When children have learnt to read, every family should have at least half an hour reading time in the evening where everybody in the home, including the adults, read for pleasure in order to promote a culture of reading in their children. The example set by the adults is very important. Show your children how much you love to read by reading in front of them often. This is just as important as homework or household tasks.
Tips for using reading time effectively
It is important to be more consistent and do not skip this time. Those children who read on daily basis are a year ahead of those who don’t often read or read less frequently.
Parents should choose the right and convenient time that is suitable for everyone when neither
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Being actively involved in the selection process will add to the fun of reading.
Parents can also volunteer to assist with some of the academic enrichment activities, especially field trips
Reading area
Parents and caregivers should try to ensure, that there is a quiet, comfortable place dedicated to reading in the helps to put books your children enjoy in one place where they can be easily accessed by the children so that they can read at any time. Parents should provide enough space for their children to invite guests to join them. Also set up your reading space in a well-lit room to make reading more comfortable. Again parents can use book shelves, baskets or boxes to store the books
Parents should make reading more enjoyable by Create a comfortable and cosy space for your children. Children should be allowed to read in bed as this increases the amount they read.
Try to set up the reading space in a quiet part of the house to help your children focus on the books they are reading. As your child’s reading skills improve, add more challenging books to the collection.
A reading space should be a place where a love of reading is cultivated; try to make it inviting to your children as much as
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To own a book is to own a life-long treasure, a fountain of knowledge and wisdom, something that can take us away from the cares of the world for a while at least, a source of inspiration or

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