The Importance Of Reading Comprehension For A Student 's Success

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I grew up with the love of reading because I was able to escape from the world I lived in. Books were where I went to get away from the abuse and violence I lived with. I would open up a book and my mind was instantly connected to the materials and I was no longer in my room, I was in the book, and as I continued to read the story, the scenes and characters came alive for me. Reading was amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it.
Reading comprehension is vital to a student’s success in school. I always say if a student can read, they have learned the most important skill, and they will be able to get through life a bit easier. This skill for many students is a major problem because they have not been able to master it. Teachers have the opportunity and it is also their responsibility to assist their students with developing this vital skill. There are many strategies for teaching reading comprehension available to teachers even in inclusive settings.
Use of basic skills and reinforcing strategies is one of the ways teachers can teach reading comprehension. Reinforcement means to provide students with rewards or positive comments that encourage and motivate them as they work and answer comprehensive questions successfully (Mastropieri and Scruggs, 2014). Teachers can also provide corrective feedback which means you provide students with immediate feedback when oral reading errors are committed (Mastropieri et al., 2014).
These strategies can also be incorporated into other…

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