Necessary Freedoms

You said "Lose What?" Really? Sorry its to complicated for you to follow, lose against radical Islamic terrorism.

You are not losing freedom to assemble or freedom of the press, the only thing you lose out of those two things are freedom to riot and call it an assembly.

You ask "You think ANY religion is bad? How many monks do you see murdering others? What about jews? Christians? Do you hear about the radical Jehovah witnesses? No?"

If you took the time to graduate or attain the comprehension skills of a 5th grader than you would realize that religion is the biggest motivator of violence around the world and history proves it.

You ignorantly mention monks as if you think they are above reproach, sorry to tell you they are not. NEW DELHI (Morning Star News reports on Dec. 11,2012) – A mob of about 1,000 people in southern
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You said: " But you want to get rid of the amendment that gives us our most basic and necessary freedoms to ensure tyranny never takes root here ever again. "

News flash asshole, the first amendment does not give us our most basic and necessary freedoms to ensure tyranny never takes root again. Remember, our founding fathers escaped kings, dictators and RELIGIOUS leaders who thought they knew how we should live. That is why it is written in the first amendment that NO RELIGIOUS TEST SHALL BE GIVEN FOR GOVERMENT OFFICE. Get it dummy? They didn 't want religion in government or in charge of anything because of how bad it is.

The only reason they guaranteed ones right to be religious in America was because many dummies were still superstitious back then, and the founding fathers knew it would be easier to get the superstitious to side with them if they let them believe in fairytales as long as they kept it at home and not in

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