Synthesis Essay On Racism In Schools

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Historically, education in America has been far from equal between the races. Before the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves were never deemed deserving of the same education as their masters. After slaves were legally freed, white racists still made it difficult for blacks to receive an education with the introduction of Jim Crow laws. The fear of violence prevented blacks from seeking what they legally had a right to access. Even though segregation is illegal now, schools that are blatantly separate, both by race and by monetary means, still exist. Racism in k-12 classrooms has and continues to hinder African American students, particularly those who desire to go on to higher education. Primary source “Three Miles” by Chana Joffe-Walt, and …show more content…
Cooper make arguments with various rhetorical strategies that support and complicate the pitch given by Chana Joffe-Walt in “Three Miles,” that continued racism in schools impede African American students, not only in their studies, but in their growth as members of society. Joseph N. Cooper and Chana Joffe-Walt agree that blacks suffer from social isolation in a world that praises and idealizes whites, using high and low diction in their respective pieces. Joseph N. Cooper, in “Personal Troubles and Public Issues,” presents racism from the vantage points of athletes. While athletes as a whole are put on a pedestal, he describes the isolation black athletes still face. He asserts, “Since the late nineteenth century, Black athletes have been marginalized at [predominantly white institutions]. Famous black athletes . . . all have documented experiences with social isolation as racial minorities in their classes as well as on their athletic teams,” (Cooper 263). They are “marginalized,” a high diction word meaning “treat as insignificant.” They are set aside as separate from their white teammates because of their race, not only as different but as people of lesser value. Despite being players on a team, a group that is meant to stick together, the

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