Argument Against Racial Stereotypes

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I was angered and deeply saddened by the conversation that took place in class a couple days ago. I am a very composed person, that can easily disguise any feeling of distress but Tuesday's conversation exposed a disgusting amount of hatred and ignorance that I simply couldn't ignore. In that moment, I felt the need to stand up for every minority, specifically African and Native americans, in order to fight against the white ignorance that a handful of my classmates exuded. The following paper is a direct response to the unmistakeable stupidity that a select amount of my classmates argued.
Firstly, it is never acceptable to project racial slurs or stereotypes. My classmates tried to argue against this fact by saying the racist words and actions of others are protected by the first
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During the class discussion last tuesday, my peer was explaining how institutionalized racism is a direct resultant of slavery, and my other, more ignorant, classmate yells, “you're delusional, we’re all equal”. I think most americans can agree that this statement is far from truth. Blacks and Native Americans face discrimination that Whites, have never, and will never experience in their lives. Whites have the luxury of walking around a store without being closely followed by the store clerk. People like Mary Crow Dog didn't have this luxury. White people can have an interaction with law enforcement, without fearing for their lives. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown didn't have this luxury. White people can go into a job interview, confident, not worrying about whether or not their skin tone will hold them back. My mother doesn't have this luxury. This point needs no further arguing. White privilege is a fact of life, and while the everyday white person can’t control it, they do need to acknowledge it, so when they come to a position of power, they can end

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