The Importance Of Race And Culture

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I am not white

“Where’s your accent from?” If I had a penny every time someone asked me this, I could potentially pay off all my credit cards in a week. However, it is not the fact that people recognize I am not 100% American that bothers me, but when I reveal where my accent comes from they look surprised and amazed. I am a tall, light skinned Mexican, and apparently, the media has not done a great job at portraying what Hispanics look like.

“Oh my! I could have sworn you were from Eastern Europe” Not quite. Just because I am white, does not mean I belong there. We live in a new world where race and culture do not longer encompass one another. Maybe in past centuries race was a viable way to gage a person’s identity, but with the technological
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What marketers need to focus on is zooming in to the race and observe, clearly separating the ethnic variety of the US. There needs to be a shift in strategies to cater to the ethnically identified individuals.

When looking to create campaigns or content for the majority of Hispanics and Latinos to relate to, marketers need to segment accordingly. First, there needs to be an understanding of the difference between Latino, Hispanic, and Spanish. Hispanics are those who come from a Spanish speaking country (found throughout Central and South America, as well as Spain). Latinos include those whose ethnicity is tied to a Latin American country, even when Spanish is not predominantly spoken (Shout out to Brazil!). Spanish people are unique to Spain.

There are Hispanics and Latinos that have acculturated to the US while there are Hispanics and Latinos that have lived in the US all their lives. It is essential for Marketers to understand there are many groups of Hispanics and Latinos, because when segmenting and applying stereotypes, one can undermine an individual’s heritage. Just because a group of Hispanics speak English 90% of the time (Shout out to Chicanos!) does not mean they do not identify as

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