The Importance Of Quality Assessment

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Healthcare systems is a very complex and important to today’s society. It has made a huge impact for many years and without healthcare systems, society would not be the same. Two major milestones in that history of healthcare I feel are important is the Accordable Care Act, (ACA) of 2010. Many employed individuals did not have insurance because it was not mandatory for state’s employers to offer health insurance to them. Therefore, due to economic restriction, some employers did not offer it and employees were not required to have health insurance (Fahrenholz, Documentation for Health Care Records). Consequently, the ACA is a health care reform that is an expansion of health insurance, which assists in protecting the uninsured, those without …show more content…
Quality assessment is “the measurement of quality against an established standard”. (Fahrenholz, Documentation for Health Care Records ) Basically, it is a system for evaluating performances in a healthcare system. It is a process of collecting data to make the measurement possible, statistical analysis, and interpretation of the results of the assessment. Some purposes of Quality Assessment are that it can prevent problems from happening, detect and correct problems that occur, and encourage higher standards of care. (Medicare: A Strategy for Quality Assurance) As I was doing my research, there are six domains of Health Care Quality for quality assessment. The six domains are safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. Safe meaning avoiding injury to patients from the care that is intended to help them, effective meaning providing services that would benefit, and patient-centered is providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patients needs, values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions. As for timely, it is reducing wait time for patients that receive care from health services, efficient meaning avoiding waste such as supplies and ideas and lastly, equitable meaning providing care that doesn’t vary in quality due to demographics. (The Six Domains of Health Care

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