The Importance Of Purpose In Life

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Register to read the introduction… By not stressing over your problems and worrying about what others think about you, you can centralize your time and search for deeper meanings in your life. "As Viktor Frankl and many other existentialists point out, humans are usually healthier and happier when they have a central meaning or purpose in their life. Religion or spirituality may offer such a basic meaning or purpose." "Today, many advocates of what is ‘spiritual' are endorsing the idea that people should preferably put a ‘real meaning' in their lives, such as devoting themselves to ‘unselfish' social interests,…such as rearing a family. This process of acquiring a heartful meaning and purpose in life and devoting themselves to community and social rather than purely individualistic interests may be exceptionally helpful…to the people with whom they live and to the human race as a whole." By refusing to let our problems linger by using RET, one is given the opportunity to search for a deeper meaning and to devote themselves to the more important things in …show more content…
Your relationships with others will improve by taking this approach towards them and they may learn from your actions. When people view others as the cause of their problems, it causes one to treat them poorly and to hold a grudge against them. "It does immense hard to human relationships, leads to enormous inefficiency, and help bring on a host of physical ills that a figuratively, and even literally, deadly. However, with Rational Emotive Therapy, one begins to take responsibility for their own actions and to not hold others responsible for their shortcomings. Instead, when someone acts or says something that causes you to have negative feelings, take time rationalize your feelings and to understand that many things may have contributed to these feelings. Perhaps their actions were misunderstood or they words were taken out of context. Even if what they did was done in a negative way, it's important to not forget that "when someone treats you ‘unfairly', you can bring on highly useful, healthy, and appropriate feelings at their behavior without damning them for this behavior." In using RET, your emotions remain in check and you can focus on having a calmer way of living, a deeper meaning. You can rationally talk to the individual in question

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