The Importance Of Public Land For Whitetail Deer Essay

1459 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
If, like me, you are fortunate enough to be able to hunt quality public land for whitetail deer throughout the Midwest and other areas throughout the country, you know the excitement and thrill that it can provide. I’m sure you are questioning my choice of words for the opening statement. I assure you I meant what I said. “Fortunate” and “public land” do not find themselves in the same sentence very often. Public land gets a bad rap, sometimes it is deserved and other times it certainly is not. We are certainly fortunate to have such a valuable resource available to us sportsman. Those who have taken the time and put in the work that’s required to hunt public land know this first hand.
Public land can make any hunter want to put down his bow for the season and call the banker to take out a loan so he can afford to purchase a fancy hunting lease for the next year. In an era of immediate gratification some hunters have lost a true sense of what the hunt is really about. Just because the land isn’t managed 365 days a year, or you’re not the only person hunting the property, it doesn’t mean the hunt is not worth the effort. But it takes just that, effort. Many things in hunting, like life, are all how you look at them. Where some see public land as a last resort or something to be looked down upon, I see opportunity. With a different outlook and philosophy, and these few tips, you can put your tag on a dandy whitetail.
The archery hunter and the rifle hunter…

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