How Does Government Influence Public Health?

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Public health expenditures have impacted every developed and underdeveloped nations. Due to these nations government desire to undertake public health services forward as a way to control the cost of the increasing healthcare expenditures. Public health services e.g. health initiatives help to control unnecessary medical expenses that significantly improves the health of a nation people. To improve lives health costs may require the focus on health education and prevention since most diseases e.g. cardiovascular disease are preventable. Allocating funding on public health preventions may significantly reduce the amount of money spent on public health resources, which other nations do not have the ability to afford such as technology-based resources like the United States (US; Peterson & Burton, 2007). In where as public health expense may correlate with the nation 's health outcomes …show more content…
In assessing, GDP a nation is capable of measuring the health outcomes of public health expenditures based on health indicators such as life expectancy, under age five mortality rate, and adjusted capital spending on morbidity (Getzen, 2013; Shi & Singh, 2011). Thus, marks up the efficacy of the shared cost of public health efforts on reducing spend outcomes (Getzen, 2013; Shi & Singh, 2011). The US, a member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), may have the newest medical technologies, but, has failed in many of the health indicators (Getzen, 2013; Peterson & Burton, 2007; Shi & Singh, 2011). The failure is perhaps due to system ineffectiveness to invest more in preventative health initiatives that would show a significant decrease rather than invest more in medical technologies that advert seeing a GDP (Getzen, 2013; Peterson & Burton,

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