The Importance Of Public Debates

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When you want to go about changing public opinion on an issue there are many tactics that will sometimes work and sometimes not work. Generally you will see a lot of people using methods like framing, lobbying, going public/ bully pulpit and agenda setting. These techniques can be applied to any public opinion and help sway the opinion in their favor. Framing is when groups present the issue in a new way more likely to appeal to the public. Framing effects are very powerful, they have a strong effect on the public. The majority of Americans will not do their research on an issue when they believe it sounds like the better option. An example of when the framing bias is being put into action would be during the presidential debates. During these debates many times these terms will be used, and in turn frames the audiences standpoint on the subject sometimes for the better and just the same sometimes for the worse. For example, when a person sees the …show more content…
Coined by President Teddy Roosevelt, the bully pulpit is the use of the prestige and public authority of the president to advocate for a particular agenda or idea, not by legislation but by persuasion of the American people. Public speeches in which the president may ask the American people to undertake a specific request, not because of a government action, but because of a presidential appeal, is an example of the bully pulpit. The ability to use the 'Bully Pulpit ' is based purely on the president 's moral authority and respect for the office of the presidency. A good example of this would be when drugs were at an all-time high in the1970s and 1980s, the Regan’s came out with a slogan, “Just say no” to drugs. I believe this to be a huge success as following this slogan came the release of D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance

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