The Importance Of Psychology

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One of my best friends in high school wanted to major in psychology and I often mocked him and poked fun at the idea that psychology was a real study and something to be taken seriously. Only after taking this psychology course, which I am forced to do in order to in order to pursue nursing, I have come to realize how little I even knew about the subject. I have judged people for enjoying the study and even worse, I have not taken seriously mental illnesses that affect some of the dearest people in my life. Something else that has been brought to my attention is the notion that I can be and have been extremely offensive towards my peers without noticing or even caring; sometimes both. To put it simply I have been an insensitive jerk for …show more content…
We have actually had a rough time being married and it’s not because of our children or the amount of money we have, or lack thereof. There are so many things we could blame for our unhappiness and inability to get along, but we would just be lying to ourselves to shirk responsibility. We have had a very hard time because I was closed minded to his illness of clinical depression. I was aware of his depression from the beginning of our short dating relationship and inside I would just say, “oh he will get over it and stop taking medication and everything will be normal”. This was not the case, so, it was a rude awakening when I realized this is a real issue and it’s not something that one can just choose to have or not have. My husband’s father, mother, and one of his two brothers also suffers from clinical depression. They are all on medication and have been since they were young adults. When learning about depression in our textbook, it struck an immediate interest in me because of the “Genes and Depression” section. The very first sentence flat out states that mood disorders run in families and this made me have an epiphany. My parents and three siblings have never been diagnosed with depression and I have never felt that I would qualify either. Of course, everyone has circumstances that can ignite a depressed feeling, for example the loss of a loved one, or losing a job, but, these are normal and not unknown to anyone on earth. What I realized is that I am not better than my husband, I cannot take credit for not being depressed and I cannot put him down or think any less of him for this disorder that very well may have been genetically passed down to him. I have learned to embrace my husband’s illness and love him and respect him. He manages the depression well and is religious about taking his medication. All I have to do is accept him for who

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