The Importance Of Psychology In My Life

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So far through my high school career I have struggled to really find myself. I have struggled at times to make the right decision, my relationship with my mom hasn’t always been the best because of it. I felt alone and unhappy most of the time and I looked for things that made me feel better. My sister and I argued all the time and I didn’t understand her. I didn’t understand how to cope with the decisions my dad has made with his own life and how they have affected mine. Psychology has opened my eyes to how I think, feel, and cope in regards to my life and the people in it.
One of the biggest influences in anybody’s life can be their parents. I didn’t realize how much my dad could influence me even though he wasn’t really around. My parents separated before I was born. I had regular visits with my dad until I was about five. He stopped contacting me and I went years without speaking to him. Many years later he would inconsistently contact me which confused and frustrated me a lot. I found out that he had a drinking problem. He would often blame my mom and sister for the things he has done. I learned that he would use displacement. He would almost act like a child and argue or pout to my sister or my mom. There were times that he’d yell at my sister over the
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I now know my different defense mechanisms as well as some of the peoples around me. I learned about the conscious and unconscious parts of my mind and how I push things into my unconscious when I don’t want to think about them. In my past I would use the wrong defense mechanisms to try and protect myself, and as I have been growing up I have been learning the correct ways to do it. I have learned to use my stress to motivate myself. In the future when I’m overloaded with homework I can think to myself that I am doing it for a reason and not let it get the best of me. In the past year or so I have learned a lot about myself and how to be a better positive

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