The Importance Of Proper Health And Nutrition

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Nutrition is a valuable part of every human’s life, as it allows the leading of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. A prime opportunity to become healthy and start leading that active lifestyle is during those final two years of elementary school, grades seven and eight. Proper health and nutrition at this age will result in a healthy body for high school, and give the student self-confidence for some of the most important years of his or her life. One of the most effective methods of eating healthy is following the Canadian food guide, which gives detailed instructions for what students should be eating to get healthy. Additionally, exercising frequently is key to maximizing the body’s potential and developing a fit body. Furthermore, staying …show more content…
In grades seven and eight, many students find themselves quite stressed out over homework, jobs, and their social lives. Students who find themselves stressed out may start eating uncontrollably, get less sleep, or resort to unhealthy activities such as television to attempt to de-stress. Too much stress can even cause “physical illnesses, including increased risk for cardiac issues, headaches and blood clots.” This is why it is vital to learn the most effective methods of handling stress well, before it ruins your health. One of the most effective ways of handling stress is to write in a journal. This works effectively because “writing down your experiences and reactions or your most important goals keeps your hands busy and your mind occupied, so you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.” It can also help a student become “more conscious of [his or her] desire to live a healthier lifestyle and intensify [his or her] commitment.” Additionally, getting a girlfriend or boyfriend at this age, while unlikely to work out, is actually a fantastic method of dealing with stress. When a student has someone they can talk to about everything in their life, it lifts a huge burden off his or her shoulders. They can get everything in their mind out into the world, similar to keeping a journal. Finally, another small but important method is to do homework as soon as it is handed out. This way, students can remove the looming threat from their minds and focus on other aspects of their life. Stress is a huge part of a healthy life, and needs to be controlled if there is to be any hope in maintain a healthy

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