The Importance Of Project Requirement

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Register to read the introduction… The background description helps putting the project into the right context and gives everyone involved a common view of the project.

Project Scope Description

1 Project Outcome

Describe, in clear and measurable terms, the project outcome in terms of deliverables from the project.

2 Quality Objectives for the Project Outcome

State the specific quality objectives for the project outcome expressed in measurable terms. Quality objectives deal with the characteristics of the project outcome, such as:

• Reliability

• Usability

• Fault density

3 Organizational Requirements on the Project Performance

In order to elucidate the project scope, state what requirements are made on the project from the organization in terms of competence development, testing of new methods or techniques,
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• Estimation principles

• Principles for activity sequencing

Prepare a time-schedule including the main activities in the project master plan, the tollgate decisions and other important events.

2 Project Milestone Definitions

Define the project milestones based on the chosen strategy and work models as well as on critical events in the time-schedule. The project milestones must be clear and indicate the results achieved. Link the entry and exit criteria of critical work packages to the project milestones.

Include the project milestones in the project's time-schedule.

3 Delivery Plans

Delivery plans are useful in large projects where intermediate deliveries must be kept in focus. Delivery plans are especially important in complex projects with dependencies in terms of deliveries from or to other projects or assignments, or from suppliers.

Indicate important deliveries in the time-schedule or prepare a separate delivery plan and refer to it

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