The Importance Of Prohibition On Illegal Drugs

The current prohibition against the use of recreational drugs is one of the good things about

the U.S. government and society. Many drugs are or can be dangerous to the human mind and/or

body, so this restriction helps to keep the general population safe from those dangers. However,

the government is considering lifting the prohibition on recreational drugs in the near future. The

use of recreational drugs should not be legalized because children and teens would have easier

access to them, many addicts would physically deteriorate faster, and people could make even

more money through ill­gotten gains.

The U.S. government has continually been trying to crack down on the use of drugs ever

since the nation was first created
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If the prohibition is lifted, major quandaries could arise.

One such issue, as stated above, is that children and teenagers could potentially have an

easier time gaining access to recreational drugs. A restriction that would be placed in light of a

lift on illegal drugs would be that a person of a specific age (about 21 and older) could buy drugs

in certain quantities (this is a form of regulation). Some people who buy drugs under the new

laws may not have honest intentions. People such as these could give or sell a certain amount of

the newly bought drugs to children or teens. Even if a young adult or child did not go to a dealer

who has easy access to drugs, they may still have parents, adult relatives or friends who buy

drugs from the government and they could very simply get those drugs from them. This could be

extremely detrimental to a child or young adult because the use of drugs could hinder their

abilities to do well in school and other mental activities (3). In addition, abusing drugs can be

destructive to their bodies, so their general performance in physical activities would suffer
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There are about 23.5 million Americans who are addicted

to alcohol and/or drugs (4). With so many addicts living here in the U.S., one can not help but

wonder what they may do if recreational drug use is legalized. One of the symptoms of drug

addiction is tolerance to a drug. The longer that a body is exposed to a particular drug, the more

used to the drug the body is (3). For a person to get the “high” that they achieved the first time

they consumed the drug, they must take in larger amounts every time. By taking huge portions of

the drug frequently, an addict’s body slowly deteriorates over time. If the use of recreational

drugs is allowed in the future, people who were already addicts may take advantage of the new

laws to get hold of drugs from different places, be it from the government or private dealers, and

so potentially gain an incredible amount of drugs at one time. An addict may believe this to be a

treasure trove and abuse an immense amount of the drug frequently. In doing so, an addict will

physically and mentally deteriorate even faster than he or she usually may. This would put

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