The Importance Of Progressive Educational Philosophy

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Malcolm X once said “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” The people preparing for the future are the students of today. The future they are preparing for is theirs and America’s. I have confidence that I can contribute to helping students create a future for themselves and others through working with students who have special needs. Due to students in SPED (Special Education) needing the curriculum tailored to their specific needs, the Progressive educational philosophy has been one to inspire me. I also have been motivated to become a teacher and to teach with certain aspects because of Maria Montessori. Montessori believed student’s creativity is one way to help students learn, …show more content…
Both have gave me first-hand experiences that have sparked concerns. As a student, I have been the product of current, and failing, education system. I remember spending a great amount of time preparing for and taking standardized tests. At the time, it was just the usual routine of the school year. Reflecting back, the time and mental dedication needed to successfully prepare for and take standardized tests is a lot. Also, students are told that these tests are very important for them to do well on, because it reflects not only themselves but also contributes to the score of the whole school. The pressure that comes from being told such things leads to increased test-taking anxiety, missing tests, or being poorly prepared mentally for the test. (Cox 2015) Being a tutor, I see how students who are more disadvantaged are treated compared to those with more advantages. For example, the school I tutor at has a wide range of students in attendance. Some are more advantaged than others and there is a lot of cultural diversity. Being as such, there are discrepancies with how students are treated. Students who are considered “bad” are usually the ones with less advantages. These students usually will not get help from the teacher when they need it and are told to behave and get back to work. The teachers assume the students do not care when they do but are not getting help to

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