The Importance Of Professionalism In The Military

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Register to read the introduction… Professionalism is important for all of us who are part of the military institution in both active and Reserve components. It is important for all of us who love and respect the Army. We live in a time of change for the Army, and, as in all institutions during times of change and change in leadership, we need to emphasize leadership and return to the core values that are the foundation of our system. With the example of carelessness and other lapses in our leadership in the Marine Corps, it is important for us to go back and reexamine ourselves. It is vital for everyone who wears the Marine Corps uniform, to have consideration for others(superiors, peers and subourdinates) and for corps values. We must constantly remind ourselves of that. We all know what Marine Corps values are-the timeless values of honor, courage, and commitment. Those are the values that have carried us as an institution over the years and have kept us professional at all times. Rarely does anyone talk about the next step or higher plain. I will give my perception of what I define as professionalism. In reading a number of quotes about the military calling, the one I like best is that of John F. Kennedy speaking to the graduating class of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, "What you have chosen to do for your country is the greatest contribution a man can make." While professionalism is the basis of military service, it consists of many parts. One part is overcoming challenges. There will be many challenges over the next decades. In order to be successful, this nation needs marines with a level of skills, talents, drive and professionalism that we have not really experienced before, except in wartime. We must attain that degree of professionalism in the peacetime environment. Our leaders must be creative, innovative and exploit any opportunity to ensure the effective contribution of the Marine Corps to our military strategy and to …show more content…
The Marine Corps is not a place where anyone can afford to drift along. We need to study leadership in our duties and professional education. The practice of leadership must be constant. Clearly, the scope of professionalism has changed. The idea that we can be professionals at another time, and not be professionals all the time, has changed also. Today, professionalism is a shared approach. Reservists must be as professional as the active components that they support and the actives they sometimes replace. We must avoid the shortcuts in our units that create our own problems, for example, when we try to promote lance corporals to corporals without a thorough grasp on whether or not they're ready to be a leader, or abuse their power against good marines, or turn our heads and choose quantity over quality. Without the attention to professionalism, we lose the edge we have. Professionalism is mentoring, passing on the example and the values of professionalism. As leaders we all have a responsibility to pass on the torch and to mentor our subordinates. For the good of all our marines, my challenge to all of us is to monitor and encourage professionalism and inject that Marine Corps professionalism into the joint arena. Professionalism is being ready. Our relevance to the mission of the modern Marine Corps is measured in what we can provide and accomplish today and not what we can provide at some time in the future to meet some vague

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