The Importance Of Professional Social Work

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As social workers identifying their own stories, being a great starting point in discovering personal knowledge and understanding and how this is integrated into professional knowledge, insight and experience (Cree and Davidson, 2000). Opening a safe space to challenge previously held attitudes, beliefs and values, allows for a ‘deep learning’ from one another, through dialogue. To critically reflect on different ways of knowing/other ways of seeing can be a rewarding experience. Reflecting on personal values and considering how these might then relate to professional social work values and systemic barriers assists in creating better practice. Creating a ‘safe place’ to test out such theories and begin the process of integrating these methods …show more content…
We cannot blame not knowing due to being unconscious of systemic structures within oppressive work place practices. We need to be responsible for our thoughts and actions and even in what we don’t know that we don’t know. It is through critical refection and dialogue with others that we gain further knowledge and understanding of what we do not know, promoting organisational accountability in reflection to organisations research, policy and processes. (Mandell, 2008; Wang, 2012). Adopting this framework it becomes apparent that both the supervisor and the supervises personal and positional power needs to be openly acknowledged, as a lot more is riding on the relationship as containing a hidden agenda in current managerial time,. In particular in judgments around performance management around their attendance, conduct, behaviour and participation while managing the ongoing tension meeting of organisational outcomes as the principles of professionalism, making individuals accountable for their action and maintain unconscious in how the neoliberal systems place constrains on ethical, safe and supportive practice. (Harrison and Ruch,

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