The Importance Of Professional Learning Opportunities That Improve Student Achievement?

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Before publishing, an educational research must undergo a careful review from every aspect. Analyzing the article thoroughly for validity and the ability to replicate it, is an important process to ensure the reliability of its content. Researchers have created guidelines to assist in evaluating educational research. These guidelines cover the following; Identifying the research question, research design must match research question, examining how the study was handled, finally detecting rival explanations for the results (Lauer, 2006, p. 41-52).

The guidelines previously mentioned will be used to evaluate research review by Dr. Darling Hammond and Dr. Richardson on the importance of professional development (Darling-Hammond & Richardson, 2009). The first item on the list is to detect if the research question is quickly identify. Having established the research question at the beginning of the passage, it can discern what the article will be about. "What does research says about the kind of professional learning opportunities that improve student achievement (Darling-Hammond & Richardson, 2009, p. 46)" this is the core of the research. This provides a clear sense of what to expect from this study, what should be the primary focus throughout the article.

Furthermore, the second step is to make sure that the research answers the central question and it does not steer away from the topic. Also, to match the design with the issue, it needs to determine whether the…

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