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BuzzFeed: Can We Consider it Professional Journalism?

News practices and values have shifted dramatically since the rise of online media. Following this phenomenon, there is the quick development of what we now know as citizen journalism. This allows the general public to share news instantly without being a professional journalist. However, the term has created many debates in this field as it there is a fine line between being a professional and being a citizen. The added aspect of online media makes it harder for people to pick a side. Citizen journalism does in fact demolish parts of old news practices and values, but this is not all that negative.

The advancement of the internet and technology has allowed the general public to share
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This role requires many to undertake courses and months of training to do the job. However, the original purpose has changed today due to the rise of the internet. With modern society many view professional journalism as "someone who gets paid for what they do" (Rourke). This is simply due to the affect of citizen journalism being used as a tool to speak out. In a world like today it has become more accessible to take on any job without any prior experience or training. Journalists are to abide but the agenda setting put in place by who they work for. Professional journalism heavily abides by news filters and values. For example, there is the filter of news sourcing. When newspapers were at their prime time it was a race against the clock to gather reliable sources. Often, at times, the desire to publish a story straight away meant purchasing sources from other media outlets. This practice, of course, is still enforced today but is constantly overshadowed by the general public using similar …show more content…
It allows for a better interaction and participation amongst readers. Many believe that professionals provide a focus on their area of work. Mainly, informing on the “elite parts of society from which the news audience is excluded” (Gans 163). With such a biased focus from most journalists it become difficult to view the bigger picture of any news story. Examples of Fox News can be used as the station provides an extremely biased and stereotypical view of any race other than White. It is more difficult when news stations with power can easily influence a good percentage of the population. BuzzFeed breaks this stigma as it works around a team with large diversity. Mainly, people of colour are given the opportunity to speak out and inform readers on what they consider important. Especially, surrounding the stigma of Muslims being perceived as Terrorists. Many news sites contribute towards the stereotypes yet Buzz Feed allows Muslim readers and writers to give their insight. Alongside this there is the opportunity to provide information with a humorous light. This captures the attention of teenagers, what is considered the next generation, and gives them a chance to be informed on the issue at hand. First hand experiences have light shed on them unlike professional news rooms that go by the stereotypical mind set of society. Interacting and participating allows for a wider view on a topic that

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