Essay on The Importance Of Professional Development For Teachers

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Article Review Traditionally, professional development for teachers has been provided in the form of training sessions, consultants, and observation cycles conducted by a master/mentor teacher. Teachers can often have negative reactions to this type of observation model, as it can make them feel like someone is coming in to tell them what is wrong with their practice. Alternatively, peer observation is a newly emerging form of professional development, where two teachers of similar skill level engage in pre-observations, classroom observations, and post-observation conferences for the purpose of reflecting on practice and building skills and strategies. While research has been done to show positive attitudes regarding peer observation and the likelihood of transferring skills learned during the process into their teaching, Murray, Ma, and Mazur (2009) recognized a gap in the amount of empirical evidence that shows a correlation between peer coaching and student learning. Murray et al. (2009) conducted research using teachers who participated in the Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership’s (AMSP) summer institute (where participants attended sessions on science and mathematics content) and the Mentored Implementation Program (MIP). In the MIP model, peer teachers agreed to conduct at least two observations and subsequent post-observation conferences each, focusing on what was learned during the summer institute. Participants received trainings regarding the…

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