The Importance Of Professional And Personal Identity

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As a leader, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of one’s personal construct. There are considerations that are necessary for balancing the professional and the personal identity. The business personal construct is composed of leadership qualities. When in the business setting, this is the persona that utilizes the aspects of an effective leader. In in the personal identity, this is the persona that encompasses qualities that are rooted in friends, family and other roles. The constructs and roles of my life will be examined.
Social Identity
Born in New York, as a African American woman with a distinctive personality, my social identity for business encompasses the constructs entail leadership, team player, problem
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Noted in the roles as a friend, sister and neighbor have allowed me to freely exhibit these characteristics. Enthusiasm for activates, events and social settings is something that comes natural. In these settings, there is limited restriction on being compassionate and warm. When According to (Ruderman & Ernest, 2010), one must understand social identity to build relationships as well as understand potential conflicts. The traits of frankness and impatience are exclusively on the personal level. For this reason, I must continuously balance my thoughts and actions to ensure professional conversations, judgement and actions. According to Zacher, Pearce, Rooney, and McKenna (2014), personal wisdom is beneficial in the business setting. This is a characteristic that serves in both capacities. By surrounding myself in social circle with those of the same values, it naturally creates comfort and authenticity. In the business setting, there are a variety of people who are different that otherwise would not be in my personal circle. For this reason, the personal qualities that are acceptable for the professional setting are used when appropriate. This allows me to be authentic, comfortable and

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