Product Placement In Film

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The main objective of almost every film made in Hollywood is to earn an exceptional amount of money. However, if a film production goes over budget or is expected to fail, movie studios need to find another way to earn revenue. Whenever a film needs to be promoted, producers always turn to outside sources. These outside sources are usually corporations who just want their newest product shown off to the world. Therefore, advertisers often team up with movie producers in order to promote both of their products. This communication phenomenon is known as product placement. Product placement is used in almost every film released due to the benefits both movie studios and advertisers receive. Quality does not matter as much anymore, but rather the quantity of money a studio makes. No matter how much the viewer hates it, product placement will always be a factor when it comes to making a profitable movie. Due to the immense …show more content…
The reason E.T. was so successful with its use of Reese 's Pieces is because the product is actually essential to the plot and is not overbearing. Unlike E.T., Transformers: Age of Extinction shoves product placement in the viewer’s face. Transformers also suffers because there is no creativity put in the product placement. When Stanley Tucci’s character used the Transformer’s metal to create a speaker, it is almost groan worthy due to the lack of creativity. Tucci literally has a metal that can turn into anything, but by turning it into a product, the creativity is nonexistent. Then there are cases like Jurassic World, where the film is actually aware of overbearing product placement. Creativity is added, since characters actually make fun of how many advertisements are in the park. However, critical success of a film seems to be not as relevant anymore. This is because product placement is now an absolute necessity for film studios in order to make

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