The Importance Of Privilege On The Invisible Knapsack By Peggy Finch

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The Role of Privilege
This paper will delve into the role that privilege plays in our life; more specifically the advantages that come with white privilege, male privilege, and heterosexual privilege. That first theme that will be discussed in this paper is how privilege influences your point of view. The second theme is the role that privilege plays in your day to day life. The third and final theme I will be exploring in this paper is how privilege can effect the opportunities that you have available to you. I will be using White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh to show how white privilege influences how you see the world and how you see race, how white privilege changes your day to day life, and how white privilege can play a role in the opportunities given to you throughout your life. Similarly, I will be using Gender, Power and Privilege by Marcus Robinson, Delyte Frost, Joan Buccigrossi, and Charles Pfeffer to show how male privilege can change your point of view, the smallest aspects of your day, and the larger opportunities given to you. The third reading that I will be using is Heterosexual Privilege: Owning My Advantage, Uncovering My Collusion by Judith H. Katz. I will be using this list of heterosexual privileges to show the daily advantages that come with being heteronormative. The goal of this paper is to examine the ways in which privilege effects how you see and experience the world, and to prove that privilege can play a…

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