The Importance Of F. B. I.

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Imagine living in a world where the government had complete control and access to your personal secrets. This world might soon come upon us if we don’t take a stand against the F.B.I. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is convinced that they have the right to forcefully intrude on an individual daily life when they choose. In March of 2016 went against the F.B.I beliefs by sticking to its ideals and protecting individuals rights. Apple did this by refusing to help the F.B.I unlock an iPhone belonging to Syed Farook. In this writing I will focus on the importance of privacy, security, and consumer trust. A world without privacy is a world society will never be ready for. Picture if every thing you did, said, or even thought was made viewable …show more content…
The F.B.I basically wants apple to hand them over a key that gives anyone one ultimate access to any apple device. Can we really trust the government with a key that contains such devastating power? The truth is no one could ever be trusted with such a key especially when it comes to government officials because it would make information easier to obtain for hackers, thieves, and terrorist. In 2012 one of the highest ranked government official Hillary Clinton, leaked thousands of classified federal information during her tenure as United States Secretary of State. This occurred when she used her family 's private email server for official communications, rather than official State Department email accounts maintained on federal servers. Hillary Clinton, a runner up for president of the United States of America failed to not only protect one individual security but a whole nation. Believing that another government official will be able to handle such responsibility is hoping for disaster. Can we even really determine the really reason for wanting Apple to create a key? In 2008 the ACLU said a “Justice’s Office of the Inspector General revealed a systemic, widespread abuse of power. It found serious breaches of department regulations and multiple potential violations of the law relating to the USA patriot act.” They used the patriot act to obtain large amount of private information on

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