The Importance Of Privacy On The Internet

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Register to read the introduction… The Results of this paper support and reinforce our understanding of negative aspects of providing excessive information on Facebook. The research document also aims at encouraging users to be well informed of such sites before registering with it. This thesis will begin by informing readers about the background of Facebook. The discussion will then be directed at answering the two research questions. Problems will also be discussed and where appropriate, solutions will be recommended.
“Your freedom ends where my nose begins” may, in the electronic era, be transformed to mean “Your freedom ends where my ‘Network’ begins”[2] (Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada: Parliamentary debate on the Advocacy Bill of 1981).
Background: Facebook
Facebook has evolved to establish itself as the most popular social networking sites among college students (Govani & Pashley. Facebook is probably the only site that requires full names and a wealth of other personal information in comparison to other social networks (Gross & Alessandro, 2005). Now, since private information is posted on Facebook, it can be accessed and misused by identity thieves and stalkers. (Dubow, 2007; Whelan,
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This thesis has also mentioned the obstacles Facebook has had to countenance and is still facing issues, yet individuals are not too shaken or disturbed by recent announcements. However, projecting a broad minded opinion, Facebook has also made considerable changes in its privacy settings in order to provide certain space of privacy to its users. Facebook follows two core principles: 1. The user should be having control over his personal information. 2. The user should be having access to the information others like to share with the user.
Facebook Inc. has also mentioned that it does not send any information to third parties without prior consent of the user. However, the site might at times share certain information in “limited circumstances” where the process of sharing is:
a) Reasonably essential for offering certain services
b) Officially required or
c) Legally authorized by the user.
Furthermore, Facebook has made an effort to keep the site more secured. In case users enter sensitive information (such as credit card number or password); Facebook encrypts that information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), so that hackers or third party users may not get access to

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