Questions And Answers On Rhetorical Analysis

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1. Who is the audience of this argument?
The audience of this argument is all type persons who use the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. There is a tendency to partner social networking with Facebook, mainly in light of the fact that it is the greatest and most prevalent online social media network, and as a result of the motion picture called the social network. This article expands the dimensions of that conviction a little to demonstrate how the online social media networks are a piece of social networking and how the privacy issues are developing due to the social media sites

2. What genre(s) of rhetoric does it fit into?
It fits into sarcasm genre of rhetoric. But I also observed that he has used
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From the title the reader can get a clear idea that the main focus in this article will be about the privacy. Furthermore author has establish his ethos by providing the information about the fact that there are about 500 million users on Facebook and these all may not know how their data will be using on Facebook and they are under the issue of privacy leaks. There is not, it appears to be, much currency in the conviction, established in liberal morals and social convention, that certain things are essentially nobody else's business. At the same time privacy is a wonderful innovation. It ought not to be surrendered …show more content…
He has provided the information about actions taken by the Facebook for handling the privacy issues. He has also support his argument by presenting the over about the reality that government is now taking it seriously and attention has been overwhelmingly on privacy violations by the state. That is on account of, all through history, state intrusion into citizens' personal lives has been a device of repression. The motivation to check such intrusion is behind the inclusion in the Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition agreement of plans to control CCTV, scale back government databases and scrap ID cards. Those are all welcome changes.

7. What topics of argument does the author use to structure the evidence?
Author has used the arguments and information about the availability of new advance technologies which helps to protect the privacy issues. In order to structure his evidence; he has discussed about the actions taken about the Facebook and present government for solving the issues for privacy concerns.

8. How does the author respond to counterarguments?

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